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Maryland’s cannabis industry is still very new — and limited to medical marijuana only — but still shows promise despite delays. With growing consumer demand and a limited number of licenses, stores have great potential for success.

Compliance, inventory proficiency, and reliability from your POS system are necessary to keep your patients happy. With the right tool stack and a partnership with Flowhub, your cannabis business can thrive regardless of uncontrollable external factors.

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About the Maryland market

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Maryland medical marijuana was legalized in 2014.


Recreational marijuana is not legal in Maryland.

Build your dream dispensary in Maryland

As the market in Maryland expands, and more medical marijuana patients get cards, your dispensary has limitless potential.

The key to a successful cannabis dispensary, especially in new markets, is the ability to make adjustments and adapt to changing patient behaviors and preferences. The right cannabis software will propel your dispensary toward long-term success.

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Increase revenue

Few dispensaries means more business for you. Focus on attracting and satisfying patients with online menus, helpful budtenders, Deals, and quality products. Trust that your store is always operating efficiently and effectively on Flowhub.

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Reduce cost of operations

When operating any business, time saved means money saved. Use the mobile Stash® app to save your staff hours every day by simplifying manual tasks, like auditing and transferring inventory, and reduce the compliance risk of human error.

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Manage risk & compliance

Compliance is a top priority. As the first Metrc integration partner, Flowhub is proud to support live sales push functionality and purchase limit checks built into our dispensary POS. Flowhub also ensures your labels and operating procedures are compliant with medical regulations.

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Modernize experiences

People expect seamless experiences, even when buying medicine. Infuse tech into your operations to speed up the process from dispensary check in to check out. Further delight and retain patients with digital menus, clear signage, and loyalty programs.

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Scale & expand operations

While recreational sales aren’t legal in Maryland, there’s still room for growth and expansion. Use the View app app to monitor performance on daily sales, average cart size, and more. With real-time data, you can drive insightful change and decide when and how to grow.

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Connect data & apps

Empower your store to be more efficient and profitable with seamless integrations to industry partners, like Weedmaps and Dutchie. From ecommerce to SMS messaging, cannabis partner integrations with industry experts help you stand out from the crowd.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all of your Maryland dispensary questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all of your Maryland dispensary questions.

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If I have a customer support question, how long will it take to get help?

Customer support is a top priority for us. In fact, customers consistently tell us that our support is the best in the industry. We take this seriously and always put the customer at the center of our decision-making. We boast a 95% call answer rate and have an incredible group ready to answer your calls 365 days a year. If you need quick help with common questions, our online Help Hub can be an invaluable resource.

How is cannabis taxed in Maryland?

Medical cannabis is currently not taxed in Maryland as it is medicine, but if recreational, or adult-use, cannabis is legalized, there will certainly be specific taxes decided upon by state legislation.

What are Maryland’s marijuana laws and purchase limits?

Maryland’s regulatory body is the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission and its tracking system is Metrc. Recreational sales are still illegal, but medical patients can possess up to four ounces of cannabis products.

What integrations does Flowhub support?

Our biggest integrator is Metrc. We also have a vast number of other integrations with our dispensary point of sale system to help your stores with payments, online ordering, delivery services (through Dutchie), online menus (with Weedmaps or Leafly), curbside pickup, and much more. We believe that successful businesses need more than just a point of sale, you need a cannabis API that integrates to reduce human error, create seamless customer experiences for your patients, and increase your bottom line.

Can I easily add new marijuana dispensary locations to my Flowhub account?

We make it easy for you to expand with Flowhub. If you’re already using our software, you can quickly add and onboard stores to your portfolio. We built our cannabis POS so dispensary owners and managers can make company-wide or location-level updates. This includes moving inventory between rooms or stores, seeing reports at either the company level or location level, and managing employee permissions.

Why Flowhub?

We serve Maryland’s medical stores and enable better experiences for owners, employees, and patients.

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99.9% uptime

Secure technology hosted on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform

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Daily support

Always available to help with 60+ years in combined cannabis experience

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1,000+ locations

Thousands of medical and adult-use dispensaries trust Flowhub with compliance

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$3B+ annual sales

Reliably processing $3B+ cannabis sales annually across the U.S.


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