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Flowhub Arizona

With Arizona’s recent legalization of adult-use cannabis, immense change is coming to the local industry. Medical cannabis dispensaries will need to prepare for increases in competition, customers, and state-mandated compliance.

Founded in 2015 to make safe, legal cannabis accessible to every adult on Earth, Flowhub does more than just software. We help enhance the entire sales and transaction process, making sure your dispensary is streamlined and compliant, resulting in a great customer experience and a business that's easier to manage.

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About the Arizona market


Arizona medical marijuana was legalized in 2010.


Arizona adult-use cannabis was legalized in 2020.

Welcome to the modern cannabis industry

Whether you’re working on growing your current medical or recreational dispensary, the biggest consideration you’ll need to make is your point-of-sale system.

We understand that operating a cannabis business is no easy feat, regardless of size. To make life easier, we’ve created unique solutions specifically for dispensaries, including mobile customer check in, seamless integrations to industry partners like Weedmaps, and apps to help you manage your business on the go.

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Increase revenue

Impress your customers with speedy, contactless check in and check out. Implement online order fulfillment for higher order volume and card payments for higher sales.

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Reduce cost of operations

Multi-state operators own 30% of medical marijuana dispensaries in Arizona, so there's no room for waste. To compete, you'll need to invest in efficient tech like the mobile Stash app to streamline operations.

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Manage risk & compliance

Ensuring full compliance with the state is not optional. Follow proper dispensary SOPs for inventory management, cash handling, or general opening and closing to avoid heavy penalties.

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Modernize experiences

Infusing technology into your dispensary is a simple way to modernize experiences, for both customers and staff members. Customers expect online menus, clear signage, enticing loyalty programs, and a smooth check out process.

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Scale & expand operations

Whether you're looking to add new stores or grow revenue at the one you have, easily track key performance indicators with the mobile View app. Monitor sales data, inventory discrepancies, and employee data in real time from your phone.

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Connect data & apps

Be more efficient and profitable with seamless integrations to industry partners, like Weedmaps. From ecommerce to SMS messaging to payment solutions, cannabis integrations with industry leaders help you stand out in Arizona.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all of your Arizona dispensary questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all of your Arizona dispensary questions.

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Can I process card payments with Flowhub?

Yes, Flowhub Pay is a fully integrated payment solution for cannabis dispensaries across the country, including those in Arizona. Flowhub Pay is better than most payment solutions available because it's seamlessly connected to Flowhub point of sale, meaning totals and change calculations are auto-populated so there is no manual entry or mental math required by budtenders. Customers on Flowhub Pay experience a 33% increase in revenue on average and are saving thousands of dollars on shrinkage per month.

We can get you set up in days. There are no long term contracts or monthly fees, and we’re happy to give you a rebate on every transaction.

Book your Flowhub Pay consultation to learn more.

Can I easily add new dispensary locations to my Flowhub account?

We make it easy for you to expand with Flowhub. If you are already using our cannabis pos software, you can quickly add and onboard stores to your account. Set up a global product catalog to standardize data across locations, manage price profiles, suppliers, strains, par levels and employee permissions. Create company-wide Deals and transfer inventory between stores all from one easy-to-use platform.

How is cannabis taxed in Arizona?

Sales tax on medical marijuana ranges from 5.6% to 7.6%, depending on the county where the purchase takes place. Adult-use marijuana is taxed at a rate equal to medical marijuana plus 16%. To learn more about Arizona cannabis taxes, reference their state page.

What are Arizona’s cannabis purchase limits?

Arizona medical patients are allowed 2.5 ounces of cannabis every 14 days. Recreational customers can purchase/possess up to one ounce of flower or 5 grams of concentrate. For more information about cannabis laws in Arizona, reference their state page.

How can I best stand out against the competition?

The best way to stand out is to be unique. In a highly-regulated industry, maybe you can’t do that in some areas of your business, but there’s plenty of room for creativity. Focus first on your curb appeal and the feeling customers get when they walk into your space. Then, make sure you back it up with efficient and friendly operations, mobile solutions to maximize freedom, and an appropriate selection of high-quality products. Learn more tips here!

Does Flowhub offer a Social Equity Program for Arizona dispensaries?

Yes! Flowhub's Social Equity Program is available in every market we serve, including Mississippi. We have provided over $6M in free software to support underrepresented dispensary owners. Once approved, qualifying retailers receive Flowhub's biggest price discount available.

Apply here 👉

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