Quick Hit: What is a Metrc Manifest for Cannabis Delivery?

Metrc Manifest for Cannabis Delivery

Disclaimer: Metrc requirements vary by state. Some legal cannabis markets may have different requirements for Metrc manifests. Consult state regulations and legal counsel accordingly.

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Metrc, the most widely-used cannabis track and trace system, uses Metrc manifests to track the movement of cannabis products.

There are two primary types of Metrc manifests, one is used when transferring cannabis from business to business (transfer manifests) and the other during business-to-consumer delivery (sales delivery manifests).

This post explains the nuances of Metrc manifests, transfer manifests, and sales delivery manifests.

What is a Metrc Manifest?

Any time cannabis is transported, either for consumer delivery or business-to-business transport, a Metrc manifest must be submitted to Metrc.

Metrc manifests ensure transparency and accountability throughout the cannabis supply chain. They provide outgoing and incoming transfer information and maintain a comprehensive record of moving cannabis products — from cultivation to distribution to retail sale.

Transfer Metrc manifests

Transfer Metrc manifests are used when cannabis products are transported between cannabis businesses. The primary purpose of Metrc transfer manifests is to provide a paper trail for cannabis moved between facilities such as:

  • Cultivation facilities

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Testing laboratories

  • Distribution centers

  • Other licensed transfer types and entities within the cannabis supply chain

Transfer manifests include details about the cannabis products being transported, including:

  • Strain type

  • Quantity of the product(s)

  • Packaging information

  • All other information about the licensed businesses involved in the outgoing transfer

Sales delivery Metrc manifests

Sales delivery Metrc manifests are used when cannabis products are transported directly from a dispensary to a consumer. Whenever a customer places an order for cannabis delivery, the dispensary is required to create and fill out a manifest to document the details of the order.

Unlike the Transfer Metrc Manifest, sales delivery manifests document the movement of products for immediate sale. They ensure cannabis products get to consumers safely and are delivered with the proper documentation for state regulations.

A sales delivery manifest must be pushed to Metrc in a pending state the moment the cannabis items leave a dispensary. The pending manifest must include an estimated departure and arrival time as well as the driver's route. Once the transaction is completed, the pending manifest information will be updated with the actual departure and arrival time plus the actual driver route.

Note: Every cannabis delivery must be recorded on a separate delivery manifest.

Sales delivery Metrc Manifest
Source: Metrc

Sales delivery Metrc manifest requirements vary from state to state, but they typically must include the following information:

  • Dispensary license number

  • Distribution date and effective date

  • Delivery driver name and driver’s license number

  • Delivery vehicle make, model, and license plate number

  • Estimated delivery departure and arrival

  • Planned route

  • Delivery address

  • New package number, price, and quantity for the corresponding products being delivered

Dispensaries should never record the same transaction as a sales receipt and delivery manifest!

In Metrc, sales deliveries are reported differently than in-store sales receipts. Sales receipts indicate a transaction took place within the licensed premise of a dispensary. Sales delivery Metrc manifests indicate the active inventory within a licensed dispensary was taken off the premises and delivered to a consumer.

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