The Best Cannabis Podcasts and Where to Listen

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In legal cannabis, we are flooded with cannabis news and information via social media, news outlets, newsletters, and word of mouth.

While it’s great to have options, it's refreshing to take a break and listen to a few people discuss a single topic in great depth.

This is why podcasts are an essential addition to every cannabis professional’s media arsenal and every stoner’s daily routine.

Some of our favorite, most insightful cannabis-centric podcasts are listed below.

From Pot to Popular

Founder of the cannabis PR firm MATTIO Communications, Rosie Mattio is one of the most well-known names in the cannabis communications world.

Her podcast, From Pot to Popular, provides a fascinating inside look at how the industry’s biggest players are integrating cannabis into the mainstream.

Leading entrepreneurs, executives, and journalists are all prominently featured in this smart, thought-provoking podcast, each lending their own flavor of tricks and tips for success.

Enjoy breakdowns of complex cannabis industry puzzles such as how to raise capital in an industry that’s still federally illegal or chats on how brands can better foster social equity in the space.

From Pot to Popular is the perfect cup of tea for any industry pro obsessed with the big picture such as c-suite executives, founders, or aspiring industry professionals.

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High Rise

Self-described as, “a laid-back, data-backed discussion on the cannabis market with notable industry leaders,” High Rise is led by Emily Paxhia and co-host Cy Scott.

Emily Paxhia is the Co-Founder of Poseidon Investment Management – a venture capital fund based in San Francisco that has been a key investor in many prominent companies in the cannabis space (including Flowhub).

Cy Scott is another iconic name in weed. He founded Leafly in 2010. Today he’s the Co-Founder and CEO of Headset, a cannabis analytics company that helps operators make data-driven decisions.

Cannabis and data lovers alike will enjoy diving into topics such as why the turnover rate in the cannabis world is so high–outlined in great detail with plenty of data–by Paxhia and Scott.

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Lit Up Founders

Curious about the icons that helped shape this industry? Learn more about the founders of the modern cannabis industry on the Lit Up Founders podcast hosted by Brian Weber.

Each episode features an interview with the founder of a prominent cannabis brand and details their journeys in creating the world of cannabis as we know it today.

Lit up Founders is a fun, easy listen for anyone who’s canna-curious. Enjoy a star-spangled lineup of guests such as Mara Gordon (Co-Founder of Aunt Zelda's) and Kat Merryfield (founder of Kat's Naturals).

If you’re interested in subjects such as building a cannabis brand, cannabis investing, cannabis products, social equity, and other industry inside knowledge, then this podcast is worth the listen.

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Blunt Business

One of the most challenging aspects of this industry – especially for prospective dispensary owners – is navigating continually changing rules and regulations.

For those feeling overwhelmed with information, the hosts of the Blunt Business podcast are here to help.

Blunt Business is hosted by Bethany Niebauer, a cannabis compliance consultant who helps cannabis entrepreneurs with their licensing and application processes.

Created with the goal of helping business owners navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with working with cannabis, every episode features valuable information stemming from interviews and conversations with industry professionals.

Dive into episodes like “The Cannabis Industry’s Hardest Hitting Issues” or “New York City Cannabis Laws” for some thought-provoking subjects to better understand the complexities of cannabis.

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Seed to CEO

As the name implies, Seed to CEO is dedicated to all of the aspiring cannabis CEOs out there.

Helmed by Chris Walsh, CEO of MJBizDaily, this weekly podcast interviews different CEOs for their unique insights and success stories.

Listeners of Seed to CEO are able to quickly gain inside knowledge that would normally come from years of experience in the industry.

Some subjects covered include raising funding for your cannabis business, common mistakes to avoid in the industry, predictions for legalization, and sustainability.

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Everything is Personal

So much of what goes on in the cannabis industry is commerce-driven, which is why podcasts like Everything is Personal offer a breath of fresh air.

The podcast is hosted by Len May. He holds a Master's of Medical Cannabis and an Endocannabinoid Formulation Specialist Certification from the Institute for the Advancement of Integrative Medicine.

Today, May is the CEO and Co-Founder of Endocanna Health, a bio-science technology company and the parent company of Endo DNA.

Len May leans on his 25 years of experience to create a podcast dedicated to cannabis, music, business and “some sciencey stuff” related to the science of the cannabis plant.

This podcast is worth a listen for everyone in the industry, from budtenders to consumers to high-level CEOs.

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Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast

For those more interested in the plant-touching side of cannabis, check out the Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast by Kis Organics.

The podcast brings in leading experts from the cannabis horticulture and gardening industry to find out the latest information and research on cultivation.

The show is based in science and research and exposes any incorrect practices in cultivation to bring forward the best possible techniques.

A must-listen for growers and cultivators of all scales, this podcast contains all the best and latest information.

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Higher Exchanges

Higher Exchanges is a weekly cannabis-investing conversation hosted by Jesse Redmond, Morgan Paxhia, and Mayor Toby.

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Weed + Grub

For those looking for an entertaining, funny, cannabis-centric podcast – Weed + Grub is a can’t-miss canna goodie. Part of the appeal is likely due to the radiant charisma of hosts Mike Glazer and Mary Jane Gibson.

Glazer is an Emmy-nominated comic famous for his work with Jon Stewart. He is also a cannaindisder who has been listed in Marijuana Venture's 40 Under 40 list.

Gibson has made her name as a writer, working most notably as Rolling Stone’s cannabis columnist after a stint as High Times magazine’s Culture Editor.

Together the two smoke, snack, interview and dish on all things cannabis with the company of celebrity guests like Topher Grace, NBA star Al Harrington, and Jim Belushi.

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Parting advice

Integrating podcasts into your life facilitates learning in a fun and digestible way, allowing you to multitask and unwind (add an edible for an optimal experience).

If you love the qualities of the cannabis plant, like THC, CBD, cannabinoids, and terpenes. Or if you are especially interested in cannabis companies, activism, or the general cannabis culture in spots like California or Colorado then tune into a podcast that takes a deep dive into that topic and enjoy!

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