Quick Hit: Best Cannabis Newsletters for Industry Professionals

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Looking to gain a competitive edge at your dispensary or secure a promotion at your cannabis job?

Subscribe to cannabis-specific newsletters to stay informed in the constantly evolving cannabis industry.

Newsletters are helpful for everyone, whether you're a grower in Colorado, a delivery operator in California, a professional exploring medical marijuana business opportunities in Florida, or you want to learn more about the recent legalization in New York and New Jersey.

In this post, we’ll break down some of our favorite cannabis newsletters.

Before we dive in…

While newsletters allow subscribers to consistently access important cannabis-related information, keep these tips in mind to make the most of your email experience.

Avoid oversubscribing

You may feel pressured to subscribe to every cannabis newsletter you can find. This isn’t necessary. If you overcommit, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed and unable to sift through your inbox to find the information best suited to your needs.

Choose a few newsletters that appeal to your unique situation in the industry and subscribe to them, then add more as time goes on.

Confirm your subscriptions

Once you hit the subscribe button, make sure to check your inbox (or spam folder) for a confirmation email!

This may not be the case for every newsletter, but it’s a common practice and if forgotten, may leave you waiting for that first letter.

Unsubscribe if needed

While cannabis newsletters can make life easier and teach you plenty about the plant you love, you may find yourself uninterested or bothered by certain emails.

It’s perfectly acceptable to unsubscribe from a newsletter if you’d like to take a break from their communications.

To unsubscribe, just scroll to the bottom of an email and click the “unsubscribe” button.

Best newsletters for the cannabis industry

Now let's break down the top newsletters in cannabis. Each one is packed with useful information for everyone in the industry, so choose what sounds appealing and subscribe!

Vetrina's Cannabis Retail Insider newsletter

Vetrina cannabis retail newsletter

With 75+ years of retail experience across their team, Vetrina helps dispensaries succeed using practical, data-driven strategies.

Vetrina's Cannabis Retail Insider newsletter is targeted toward cannabis retail professionals, sharing expert insights for readers to easily follow and put into action.

This is a newsletter every dispensary owner, manager, or related professional should subscribe to!

Publication schedule: Twice per month

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Ganjapreneur delivers news and insights in a variety of mediums — including a daily newsletter. The Ganjapreneur newsletter provides daily coverage of issues that matter to cannabis activists, business owners, and career-seekers.

To further tailor their experience, subscribers can choose their interest categories when signing up for the newsletter.

Options include retail operations (geared towards owners of cannabis dispensaries), cultivation, production, and growing (geared towards growers), and cannabis career opportunities (geared towards job seekers looking to get their foot in the door in the new cannabis market).

Publication schedule: Daily

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Headset provides leading insights into cannabis consumer trends for today’s world - a world where decisions are made on timely data, not stale, months-old information.

Their newsletter keeps you up to date on cannabis data and trends as well as their new product offerings and resources for the cannabis industry.

Publication schedule: Monthly

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KayaPush newsletter

The KayaPush platform has everything you need to manage your team, including hiring, onboarding, scheduling, time management, payroll, and HR. Real-time sales and labor metrics allow for accurate sales forecasting and team member statistics for better scheduling

The KayaPush newsletter is packed full of helpful blog articles and tips for dispensary owners looking to streamline operations around HR, hiring, and payroll.

Publication schedule: Monthly

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Green Market Report

Green Market Report newsletter

Green Market Report is a leading resource on cannabis-related financial news. They offer two newsletters.

First is The Daily Hit, which covers a daily round-up of relevant cannabis headlines (big and small) related to cannabis banking, tax breaks, business, economics, and finance.

GMR also offers The Weekly Stash, which shares top financial stories for the week. This newsletter is targeted to any professionals that want to stay up-to-date on financial policy and news in the marijuana market (for example, dispensary owners or investors).

Publication schedule: The Daily Hit is published daily (Monday through Thursday) and The Weekly Stash is published weekly

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Launched in 2011, MJBizDaily is one of the cannabis industry’s most enduring resources. Their daily newsletter highlights business, news, data, and insights for industry professionals.

The newsletter covers a broad range of topics, including legislation, law, and legal marijuana policy news (think lawmakers’ stance on marijuana legalization for adult-use or news on states that are considering legalizing cannabis use) as well as more niche stories (like why cannabis companies could be a prime target for ransomware attacks).

Publication schedule: Daily

In addition to the daily newsletter, MJBizDaily also offers more targeted newsletters (like MJBizCultivator, MJBizFinance, and MJBizScience), which go out on either a weekly or monthly basis.

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Onfleet’s mission is to power the future of commerce by enabling businesses of all sizes to move goods more efficiently and delightfully. Their company powers millions of deliveries every month for thousands of businesses around the world.

Onfleet's newsletter provides cannabis delivery insights and trends. If you're operating or considering including delivery at your dispensary, this newsletter is a must-subscribe.

Publication schedule: Monthly

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POLITICO is the global authority on the intersection of politics, policy, and power. It is one of the leading news operations and information services in the world specializing in politics and policy, which informs the most influential audience in the world with insight, edge, and authority

POLITICO's cannabis-specific content is equally in-depth and is an excellent source of trusted cannabis news and information.

POLITICO Pro (a subscription service) has a Morning Cannabis newsletter that will help you navigate the complexities and constant changes in the cannabis industry.

While it costs money to subscribe, the Morning Cannabis newsletter may be worth the additional input from this respected source if you can spare the extra cash. If not, feel free to read through the archives and keep an eye on other publications.

Publishing schedule: Daily (Monday to Friday)

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The Broccoli Report

The Broccoli Report

The Broccoli Report is a collection of cannabis news and analysis for creative cannabis entrepreneurs. Created by an all-women team and a wide network of contributors of all genders, Broccoli’s magazine, podcast, and industry newsletter connect a global community ready to participate in a new era of weed.

They focus on reporting helpful, inspiring information that equips hemp and cannabis entrepreneurs to excel at doing things differently—and better. And often, those are stories you won’t find anywhere else.

Their dispatches arrive on Mondays and Fridays. Monday reports are free and include a curated compilation of cannabis news items—updates on equity efforts and legislative shifts, interesting brand launches, event announcements, plus shoutouts to up-and-comers—along with thoughts on why they matter.

Friday’s reports are for paid subscribers only and range from deep dives on the latest trends to candid interviews with industry leaders.

Publication schedule: Every Monday and Friday

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Marijuana Moment

Marijuana Moment

Edited by Tom Angell, a 20+ year veteran of the legalization movement, Marijuana Moment helps activists, industry professionals, consumers, policymakers and the public understand developments and trends affecting cannabis.

The newsletter includes daily news stories, market-by-market breakdowns, House and Senate cannabis news, bill tracking, and international information.

Publication schedule: Daily

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Flowhub newsletter

With a curated collection of industry news, retail best practices, and compliance insights, Flowhub’s monthly newsletter, Flowhub Hits, offers dispensary owners, managers, and employees leading cannabis information.

The newsletter includes resources like cannabis payment guides, social equity lists, and both industry and Flowhub-specific news stories.

Publication schedule: Monthly

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Is there a newsletter you love but don't see listed? Notify us and we'll look at including it in this post.

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