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As cannabis continues to move towards federal legalization, more consumers are flocking to dispensaries. And more dispensaries are springing up across the country to serve them.

The unprecedented potential for profit — combined with fierce competition — means the next decade is an exciting time for cannabis dispensary operators. Success in this industry will come to the companies, brands, and consumers that evolve and grow with the changing market. Trends, regulations, and customer preferences change almost daily, and dispensary owners need to think about how they’re going to keep up.

Consumers have choices about what they buy — and who they buy it from. In order to survive and thrive in this evolving industry, you need to provide not only with great cannabis products, but great customer experiences as well. Customers need to leave your store feeling like they got the right products, at the right price, from the right place.

An important part of the cannabis retail tech stack, dispensary kiosks offer cannabis retailers a new way to support customers and connect them to products they’ll love. The best cannabis kiosk technology providers, like Seed Technology’s Self-Service application, combine cannabis education and product consultation with an intelligently designed shopping experience to leave your customers more confident and loyal, and your store more profitable.

Customers shop for cannabis products on self-service dispensary kiosks

How will self-service kiosks help my dispensary?

The impact of adding a self-service kiosk when you're opening a dispensary is quickly felt in many areas of a dispensary business. Giving in-store customers the ability to order products on a touchscreen kiosk, with little or no budtender assistance, leads to increased transactional velocity and basket sizes.

The technology guides a user down the purchase path, makes selecting products easy, and intelligently upsells relevant products, including THC, CBD, edibles, flower, and more. In the new normal, where dispensary workflows including touchless and contactless transactions are expected, an interactive kiosk can ensure safety for customers.

Customers are equipped with information that allows them to be confident in the products they purchase. Successful interactions build loyalty to your store and integrated self-service technology gives operators a powerful tool to decrease wait times, ensure customers leave happy, and reduce staffing needs.

Why does self-service ordering work in dispensaries?

The cannabis industry landscape is changing so fast that even the most experienced of consumers may have trouble keeping up with the latest product offerings, trends, and information. And with changing perception, more people are discovering the benefits of cannabis, but need support in choosing the right products.

Self-service gives dispensaries the ability to keep pace with a rapidly changing industry while maintaining a continued focus on serving novice customers. Dispensary kiosks work because of this dual focus on novice and experienced customers alike.

Seed’s educational content and structure helps to guide a novice consumer from ‘40,000 feet to 5,000 feet,’ as we like to say. The application makes the dispensary experience more approachable and informational for new consumers, resulting in a more positive experience and repeat customers. Some new customers are uncomfortable being in a marijuana dispensary, and appreciate the ability to browse by themselves.

As part of their exploration in the application, customers may be introduced to a product type or concept they’d never been exposed to before. Out of this, they may end up purchasing additional products they wouldn’t have previously considered.

Experienced customers are able to quickly browse, sort, and filter inventory, check specials, and place orders without assistance. Those in a real rush can re-order a past purchase without waiting to be assisted by busy staff, collect products, and complete the transaction at a register in seconds. An experienced customer will leave your store knowing they got exactly what they wanted without waiting.

What is the workflow for self-service dispensary kiosks?

  1. Customer orders on a self-service kiosk or tablet.Customer orders marijuana products on a self-service kiosk
  2. The order goes directly into Flowhub’s cannabis POS and an optional fulfillment ticket prints.Dispensary budtender fulfills cannabis order for self-serve customers.
  3. Customer pays, collects the order at register, and exits!Self-serve dispensary customer pays for their order

How easy is it to add self-service kiosks to my store?

Adding self-service kiosks to your dispensary is extremely easy and they fit most, if not all, dispensary layouts.

All you have to do to create better in-store experiences and drive higher profits is purchase the tablets or kiosks themselves, find a cannabis-specific technology provider that has the features you desire, integrate with your cannabis POS, and you're ready to go!

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How do I get started with Seed Technology's Self-Service application?

At Seed, we pride ourselves on providing a turnkey solution that just works. We believe dispensary operators have enough on their plate, so ensuring our solution requires very little effort to drive very significant change is a key pillar of our business.

New customers work with our sales team to:

1. Determine an optimal hardware configuration for each unique store layout and flow. Seed’s dedication to extend and evolve to meet the needs of individual customers results in each installation looking slightly different.

2. Grant Seed access to your store's Flowhub API.

3. Participate in a short onboarding meeting led by a member of the Seed product team.

Once Seed’s cannabis kiosks are up and running in your store, we monitor your devices for errors, and automatically apply all future updates.

Ready to get started? Schedule time with a member of Seed's expert sales team or ask your Flowhub rep for a connection!


Matthew Cutone

President/CEO at Seed Technology

Matthew Cutone is the founder and CEO of Seed Technology, the third business he's partnered in and the second he's founded. In 2007, he co-founded Horizon Display, which created interactive experiences enhancing retail environments for Tesla, Nike, Acura, and Drybar. With Seed Technology, he and his team are introducing this retail expertise to the cannabis industry.

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