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New Check In App: Scan IDs and Reduce Dispensary Wait Times

7 November 2018  |  4 min read


Nobody likes to wait. In our world of Netflix, Amazon, and Lyft, we’ve grown accustomed to instant gratification on demand.

But when it comes to cannabis, we’re not quite there… yet. The time it takes to get in and out of a dispensary is a well-known issue amongst medical and adult-use consumers. Limited staff and ID check requirements combined with high demand and long lines mean there’s no such thing as a “quick pickup”.

To help you reduce wait times, we’re excited to introduce Flowhub’s new Check In app with improved functionality and many updated features.

Watch this video for a quick tour:

Check In is a mobile application pre-loaded on the Nug, a unique mobile scanner device created specifically for cannabis dispensaries to streamline operations and ensure compliance.

The new app offers features to help you create the best cannabis retail experience possible, including...

Instant check-in

Allow your door security staff or receptionist to seamlessly add new or returning customers to your point-of-sale queue with a simple mobile ID scanner. Check in takes a couple seconds—no more pen and paper or manual data entry.

Valid ID and age verification

Prevent minors and anyone with expired identification cards from shopping at your cannabis dispensary. Using the Check In app also means you have a record of every customer who visits your stores. This diligence helps deter criminal activity, like looping or diversion schemes.

Upload documents

Dispensaries are required to have real-time access and up to date documentation for all medical patients. With Check In, you can easily take photos and save copies of medical cards and other documents, securely stored for future access.

Med card expiration

If a customer’s medical license or recommendation is out of date or expiring soon, the Check In app will notify your staff so you can let the customer know that they need to get their med card renewed.

marijuana id scanner

Customer notes

See helpful customer notes front and center whenever a returning consumer checks in at your dispensary. Empower your budtenders to provide a personalized experience with the ability to recognize regulars, know their product preferences, and even address customers by name.

Edit customer records

Update or add new customer information such as email address, phone number, and referral source directly in the app.

Queue management

See how long your customers have been waiting in real time simply by swiping left.

Multi-select and remove from queue

Easily remove one or more customers from the point-of-sale queue in bulk. This comes in handy when a group of people shop together but only one customer makes a purchase. You can even select a reason for removing a customer, such as “Didn’t have cash” or “Part of a group” for reporting on later.

Insightful reporting

Pull reports on number of check-ins, average wait times, customer conversion rates, and more. Understanding your performance data helps optimize and improve the efficiency of your check in and transaction process.

dispensary queue management

Try Check In today!

Customers who have a great experience shopping at your dispensary are more likely to return. Try Check In to improve your compliance, reduce dispensary wait times, and increase sales!

If you are interested in learning more, please request a demo. If you are a current Flowhub customer and would like to get started with the new app experience, please email our support team at help@flowhub.com or give us a call at (844) FLOWHUB.

Anne Fleshman

Anne Fleshman

VP of Marketing at Flowhub

Anne Fleshman is the VP of Marketing at Flowhub, the leading cannabis retail platform for modern dispensaries. Anne joined Flowhub to support the legalization movement and help cannabis businesses grow. Prior to Flowhub, Anne took Autopilot from startup to scale up as Director of Marketing and received her BA in Peace and Conflict Studies from UC Berkeley. Connect with Anne on LinkedIn.

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