HardwareSocket Mobile DURASCAN® D750 Charging Dock

Socket Mobile DURASCAN® D750 Charging Dock

The Charging Dock charges 600/700 series Socket Mobile products. Charge your scanner/reader and remain serviceable at the same time. Providing a method to use the Auto Scan feature with 2D barcode scanners or the RFID reader, the dock is ideal for scanning/reading from mobile devices. In addition, the ingenious design incorporates small magnets to align the charging dock and the scanner/reader, helping to firmly secure the scanner/reader to the Charging Dock.

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Counter Top Options:
(1) Secure base with provided screws.
(2) Secure base in place with provided strong, adhesive tape.

Compatible with any AC or DC adapter with 5V output at 1 AMP and 4mm barrel connector

Charging Dock only: 4.2in x 2.9in (10.7cm x 7.4cm)
Security Base only: 0.86in x 3.5in (2.2cm x 8.9cm)
Pull Reel: extends up to 36”

Charging Dock LED indicates power connection
Scanner/Reader LED indicates when it is fully charged (solid green)