Dispensary Event Planning Template

Use this template to plan, organize, and manage tasks leading up to big events at your dispensary.

dispensary event checklist

Dispensary events provide an opportunity to build customer relationships, showcase your shop, and maximize revenue on days that are historically higher selling.

Cannabis holidays like 420, Green Wednesday, and 710 are always popular, but the opportunity to hold an event can come more frequently than those few times a year.

Dispensaries can hold events for things like grand openings, anniversaries, transitions to recreational sales, and even new product launches.

This checklist helps dispensary managers and owners to organize and optimize their event strategy.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Complete the form to access the Dispensary Event Planning Template.

  2. Make a copy to match your dispensary’s event and unique workflows.

  3. Save, train your staff, and update for every event!

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