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The smartest deal maker in cannabis

Flowhub Deals makes it easy to automate all your dispensary promotions with smart matching technology to ensure the best deal always applies.

Advanced rules

If you can dream it, you can deal it. Set up custom discount types, audiences, timeframe settings, promo codes, deal limits, and minimum cart thresholds to qualify.

Buy X, get Y

AND/OR logic gives you flexibility to set specific criteria for a wide variety of BOGO and Mix-and-Match deals. You can choose whether the deal criteria is connected with an "AND" (all must match) or an "OR" (any can match).

Auto Apply-Deals

Reduce discount abuse and the risk of manual discounting by managing deals for all locations from a global engine. The best deal will always populate in the cart.

Power to stack or override

Choose to have deals combine or cancel any other discounts in the cart. Budtenders can easily disable and re-enable competing discounts at the point of sale.

Deal bundles

Create deal bundles with multiple inventory items grouped together. Think gift baskets, legal limit specials, or any other deal where you'd like to include multiple inventory items on a single SKU.

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