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Deployment Project Manager

Customer Success Flowhub - Headquarters (Denver)

Role Brief:

Deployments are the most crucial stage of the customer journey. The initial experience with Flowhub is the most important variable to a customer achieving success. We’re looking for a Deployment Project Manager that will ensure that success by assisting new clients with adopting and successfully implementing the Flowhub platform.


The ideal candidate is an outstanding problem solver that thrives on assisting others. You are an optimizer in a constant mindset of improvement and a builder who enjoys creating processes, systems, and structures. You are a self-starter who thrives under ambiguity in a fast-paced, deadline oriented startup environment. You are capable of scoping, managing and completing projects in a timely manner.   


  • Customer Engagement. Engage in day-to-day communications with customers to ensure we are maximizing their onboarding experience with the LeanData platform.
  • Product Education. Understand customer use cases, identify/document best practice workflows, and provide tailored training to end users.
  • Manage Deployment Project. Coordination and implementation of all requirements and solution rollouts of the Flowhub platform.
  • Manage Deployment Queue. Coordinate and drive customer progression through deployment stages.
  • Continually Optimize the Deployment Process. Update the Deployment process as new versions of software are released or company initiatives change. Continually review internal processes to optimize efficiency for both Flowhub and our customers.   
  • Data Standardization. Organize and upload data from customer’s previous point-of-sale software to fit Flowhub standard format.
  • Account Auditing. Auditing accounts during the deployment phases and proactively reaching out to dispensary partners with updates in their deployment process.
  • Provide Development Feedback. Relay information discovered by yourself or feedback submitted by customers about our software or associated workflows to the appropriate product teams.


  • 3+ years of SaaS implementation experience
  • Ability to align customers unique internal operations with capabilities of the Flowhub platform
  • A demonstrated track record of excellence
  • Proficient in office software, email, and easily adaptable to new technology
  • Advanced Excel and Google Sheets experience  
  • Minimum of two years experience in customer facing role
  • A genuine interest and excitement in delivering remarkable customer experiences