The future of cannabis retail is mobile. Meet the NUG.

The NUG is a unique mobile scanner device with two simple apps to streamline cannabis operations and ensure compliance.

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Mobile NUG Check In App

Scan IDs to quickly check in customers and reduce wait times by 50% at peak hours.

  • Instant check-in

    Allow your door security staff or receptionist to seamlessly add customers to your queue with a simple ID scanner.

  • Valid ID and age verification

    The NUG will prevent minors and anyone with expired identification cards from shopping at your dispensary.

  • Upload documents

    Scan medical cards and other documents right from the NUG. Customer information is securely stored for future access.

  • Wifi and cellular data

    If your internet ever goes down, you can turn the NUG into a Wifi hotspot and keep your lines moving.

Mobile NUG Stash App™

Stop managing inventory by hand. Save hours by scanning instead.

Inventory Audit App
  • Real-time inventory auditing

    Allow any employee to conduct regular inventory audits with our mobile package tag and SKU scanner.

  • Discrepancy workflows

    Prevent discrepancies and configure workflows for managers to approve prior to compliance reporting.

  • Distribution management

    Establish a distribution hub and bulk move inventory from one dispensary location to another with a few clicks.

  • Move between rooms

    Control what inventory is available "for sale" and "not for sale". Simply scan, tap, and move!

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Easily integrate Flowhub with popular cannabis apps. Get started with online ordering, digital menus, payment processing, and more!



Why choose Flowhub?

Compliance Expertise

Compliance expertise

You’re in good hands. Flowhub is proud to be the original Metrc integration partner with years of cannabis experience. We help you stay in compliance with automated state traceability reporting.

Secure technology

Secure technology

Your data security is our top priority. Flowhub is a cloud-based application hosted on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. We provide fast, uninterrupted, and reliable service with 99.9% uptime.

Customer support

Top-shelf customer support

We're committed to helping our customers succeed. With your input, constantly improving our products. Our knowledgeable team has a 95% call answer rate and is available every day of the week, 365 days per year.

Before Flowhub we had a team of inventory managers for each location. With the ease of operation and NUG, we streamlined our inventory staff to one employee per location.

Ethan Shean
Regional Manager at Strawberry Fields, Colorado

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The NUG allows our employees to effectively manage their time when counting inventory, giving them more time to engage with customers and make sales!

Niko Johnson
Store Manager at Diego Pellicer, Colorado
Co Diego Pellicer 300

The accessibility of the NUG makes our jobs faster and more flexible, and gives me confidence in the accuracy of our inventory. That’s what we need when we’re a small team of four.”

Sam Gyongyosi
Inventory Manager at Green Dragon, Colorado

green dragon dispensary

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