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Cannabis Inventory Management

Accurately track and trace your cannabis products from seed to sale, streamline your supply chain, forecast demand, and reorder before you run out.

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Centralize your product information

Standardize data for all your dispensary locations in one place.

Import Metrc Packages
  • Global product catalog

    Maintain consistent naming conventions by creating a global catalog of all the products that you may sell in any of your stores.

  • Import Metrc packages

    Pull new packages from Metrc, verify package tags with pre-populated information, and easily add them to your inventory.

  • Upload CSV

    Add new products simply by editing a CSV template with information such as product name, brand, SKU, and cost/price.

  • Bulk edit

    Select multiple products and change details such as price, name, par level, and childproof/non-childproof status in bulk.

Manage and audit your inventory

Streamline operations, maximize efficiency, and reduce inventory management cycles by 25%.

Inventory Audit App
  • Mobile auditing

    Allow any employee to conduct regular inventory audits in with our mobile package tag and SKU scanner.

  • Discrepancy approvals

    Set up a workflow for managers to approve inventory reconciliation before any changes sync to Metrc.

  • For sale/not for sale rooms

    Organize inventory into rooms "for sale" or "not for sale". Only "for sale" items can be added to the cart.

  • Mobile transfer app

    If you have multiple locations, you can set up a central distribution hub and move inventory from one store to another in just a few clicks.

Optimize your supply chain

Always know the status of your inventory in real time and predict future demand.

Inventory Log
  • Detailed inventory logs

    Track every action from the time you receive inventory to the point of sale.

  • Par levels

    Reduce shrinkage and maximize yields by setting a par level so you always know when stock quantities are running low.

  • Metrc integration

    Stay compliant with state regulatory agencies. Push daily sales to Metrc, import packages, and stay in full control of your data.

  • Inventory reporting

    Get insights into inventory activity, low stock items, purchase history, and fix any discrepancies between physical and digital inventory.

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Why choose Flowhub?

Compliance Expertise

Compliance expertise

You’re in good hands. Flowhub is proud to be the original Metrc integration partner with years of cannabis experience. We help you stay in compliance with automated state traceability reporting.

Secure technology

Secure technology

Your data security is our top priority. Flowhub is a cloud-based application hosted on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. We provide fast, uninterrupted, and reliable service with 99.9% uptime.

Customer support

Top-shelf customer support

We're committed to helping our customers succeed. With your input, we're constantly improving our products. Our knowledgeable team has a 95% call answer rate and is available every day of the week, 365 days per year.

Flowhub's NUG has significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to count inventory.

Niko Johnson
Store Manager at Diego Pellicer, Colorado
Co Diego Pellicer 300

Flowhub makes managing inventory SUPER easy!

Jessica Bowser
Shop Manager at Liberty Meds, Michigan
Liberty Meds

Flowhub has been a great strategic partner.

Matt Curtis
COO at Green Dragon, Colorado
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