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Say goodbye to pen and paper. Welcome to compliance-driven mobile plant management with a tight integration to Metrc.

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Operate on the go

Put down the clipboard. The NUG gives you the power to manage your entire grow from the palm of your hand.

  • Plant tag scanner

    Use our handheld mobile device, called the NUG, to scan plant tags and carry out daily grow operations.

  • Move plants

    Move plants from room to room in bulk. Scan the tag, choose a room, and you're done.

  • Destroy plants

    Destroy plants in bulk. Scan the tag and select a reason to sync to Metrc.

  • Harvest plants

    Harvest a room with multiple licenses. Scan tags, enter total plant weight, and auto-batch based on time, strain, room, and license.

Automate compliance

Stop risking human error and confidently manage thousands of plants.

Grow Metrc Sync
  • Effortless onboarding

    Simply enter your license and API key to sync plants, strains, rooms, and immature batches from Metrc.

  • One-click Metrc reporting

    Do your daily work, then press one button to report everything to Metrc. No more manual records or double entry.

  • Easy auditing

    Audit your plant data against what's reported in Metrc. Always know when plant data is out of sync and quickly fix discrepancies.

Maximize your grow

Everything you need to manage your cannabis cultivation to its fullest potential.

Grow Activity
  • Activity logs

    Gain visibility into your grow operation with live activity logs. You'll know exactly who moved which plants to what room and when.

  • Trimmer tracking

    Prevent losses and see how efficiently your trimmers are working. See gram per hour, variance, and other important data.

  • Wifi and cellular data

    If your internet ever goes down, you can turn the NUG into a Wifi hotspot. Magnetic or digital ballasts are no problem.

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Integrate your favorite features.

Easily integrate Flowhub with popular cannabis apps. Get started with online ordering, digital menus, payment processing, and more!



Why choose Flowhub?

Compliance Expertise

Compliance expertise

You’re in good hands. Flowhub is proud to be the original Metrc integration partner with years of cannabis experience. We help you stay in compliance with automated state traceability reporting.

Secure technology

Secure technology

Your data security is our top priority. Flowhub is a cloud-based application hosted on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. We provide fast, uninterrupted, and reliable service with 99.9% uptime, baby.

Customer support

Top-shelf customer support

We're committed to helping our customers succeed. With your input, we're constantly improving our products. Our knowledgeable team has a 95% call answer rate and is available every day of the week, 365 days per year.

Flowhub ensures that all of our retail and grow operations are compliant which is the number one focus of my business.

Brian Sullivan
VP of Retail Operations at The Green Joint, Colorado
The Green Joint 150

We chose Flowhub's system because of its utility in dealing with the state's regulatory environment.

Josh Ginsberg
CEO at Native Roots, Colorado
Native Roots 15

Native Roots V2

Start growing more cannabis with Flowhub.

With features to keep you compliant and a support team excited to help, growing your cannabis business has never been easier.

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