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Choose Flowhub for a modern and reliable front- to back-of-house retail management platform compatible with iPads. Experience 365x7 customer support and enterprise scalability.

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What can you expect when you switch to Flowhub?


Fast onboarding and real support

Most dispensaries are up and running with Flowhub in less than two weeks. Our customer support team is available every day with a 95% call answer rate. Go ahead, give us a ring at (844) FLOWHUB.


Save money and grow revenue

Flowhub is a stable solution compatible with your existing iPad hardware. Previous Green Bits customers find that after switching to Flowhub, they are able to streamline operations, free up staff resources, and increase sales 6% month over month on average.


Controlled Metrc reporting

Flowhub's fail-safe compliance process allows for review and edits to sales reports before syncing to Metrc, instead of reporting automatically after every sale. Reconcile physical and digital inventory with ease on mobile so you’re always in compliance.


True multi-location management

If you’re interested in expanding your dispensary to multiple locations, Flowhub uniquely delivers enterprise capabilities that allows you to standardize all your data and manage every location at a corporate level in a central place.


Detailed reports and data insights

Understand retail performance trends across stores and get smarter insight into your next business decision: What concentrates to stock? What locations to staff? What specials to run? Flowhub tracks every activity across your operation and displays it all on visual dashboards.

"We got all of systems up and running within 24-48 hours. Some point-of-sale systems can freeze up on you during that sale and make a 2 minute transaction into a 6 to 10 minute transaction. There are no downtimes with Flowhub."

Ethan Shean
Regional Manager, Strawberry Fields

strawberry fields dispensary


Let go of frustration.
Enter the flow state.

Carefully crafted for a highly regulated industry, Flowhub simplifies cannabis retail so you can focus on running your dream dispensary.

Flowhub’s fully integrated platform includes:

  • Seamless Metrc integration and controlled API reporting
  • Compatibility with iPads and most hardware
  • Innovative, open API enabling a sophisticated cannatech stack
  • Mobile inventory management custom-built for back-of-house dispensary workflows
  • Industry-leading tech support and customer service

Making the switch to Flowhub is easy.

Our team will help you every step of the way. Your success is our success!

Foundational Setup

Determine needs and set the framework for your success.

Product Calibration & Upload

Create your product catalog and import existing data.

Dispensary Operating Procedures

Setup hardware and train staff.

Inventory Importation via Metrc

Complete compliance audit and review inventory.

Go Live!

Launch Flowhub with peace of mind.

The grass really is greener on Flowhub.

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