Looking for an alternative to Cova Software?

Choose Flowhub for flexible, yet powerful software custom-built for simplifying compliance throughout the cannabis supply chain and helping multi-location cannabis retailers operate at scale.

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What can you expect when you switch to Flowhub?


Purpose-built software

Flowhub is carefully crafted for the cannabis industry. Instead of retrofitting software to fit cannabis, we designed every feature based on our inside experience and feedback from real-life dispensary workflows.


Hardware friendly

You don’t have to invest in new hardware to get started with Flowhub. Our cloud-based application is compatible with Mac and PC computers. If you’re looking to set up a new store, we’ll provide trusted recommendations.


Compliance expertise

As the original Metrc integration partner, we know how important it is to stay in compliance. That’s why we built features like our Inventory Discrepancy Report so you can easily reconcile physical and reported data.


Better inventory management

Standardize naming conventions across your supply chain, audit inventory in real-time, import Metrc packages, and even create “for sale” and “not for sale” rooms.


More control

Fully customize your setup, whether you’re operating in multiple locations, need to calculate taxes in a specific order, add local municipality fees, adjust your profit margins for different customer types, or integrate other cannabis apps.


Mobile solutions

Operate on the go with Flowhub’s unique mobile Nug device. Quickly scan IDs to check in new customers, audit inventory, and instantly transfer products from store to store.



Let go of frustration.
Enter the flow state.

Whether you're a boutique store or an established enterprise, Flowhub is the most compliant and customizable solution for cannabis retail management. We do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on keeping customers high and happy.

Flowhub’s all-in-one platform includes:

  • Seamless Metrc integration
  • Reliable point-of-sale software
  • Robust inventory management
  • Innovative mobile solutions

Making the switch to Flowhub is easy.

Our team will help you every step of the way. Your success is our success!

Foundational Setup

Determine needs and set the framework for your success.

Product Calibration & Upload

Create your product catalog and import existing data.

Dispensary Operating Procedures

Setup hardware and train staff.

Inventory Importation via Metrc

Complete compliance audit and review inventory.

Go Live!

Launch Flowhub with peace of mind.

The grass really is greener on Flowhub.

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